Installation Of Ip Security Cameras

This video surveillance system is gaining followers since it can be easily adapted in facilities where there is a data network. After all, these cameras are IoT devices that need an Internet connection for proper operation. A technology that is comfortable for the user, but that involves certain drawbacks.


Being a system that does not need wiring, its installation is cheaper. Just have a network cable nearby to connect it.

The viewing of the images captured by these cameras is very simple since it is inherent in the installation itself. The video signal travels over the network and has a storage system that can be in the cloud, which saves the presence of another device.


These cameras do not record all the content, only those moments activated by the movement. That is, you can not search for a specific time point.

Although in general, they are cheaper, in the long run, they can be expensive. Everything depends on the previous installation that you have, since on some occasions up to one cable per IP camera may be necessary.

Being connected to the Web, it is possible to suffer a computer attack. If they are hacked, the information they record would be exposed, which includes personal data and passwords. Moreover, they can serve as a way to access a home more efficiently.

To avoid these possible failures, experts recommend entrusting the installation of cameras to professionals in electronic and cybersecurity.

Installation of closed-circuit security cameras

As we said before, this type of cameras is based on a television system that does not broadcast the signal publicly in open but transmits the images to a monitor (or several monitors).

Depending on what they are used for, they may have advantages or disadvantages. They are usually used in public spaces, but also in homes to ensure family safety.


The CCTV system is one of the most dissuasive and adequate security systems. Thieves usually wander the area they wish to raid a few days before to ensure schedules, entrances, and exits, or if security methods exist. The presence of these cameras causes many of them to desist.


They present some faults. For example, they cannot record and show every inch of the place where they are installed, so they can not capture everything that happens in the area where they are.

These types of cameras are usually combined with spy surveillance cameras.

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