Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

You have decided to do your own carpet cleaning. The first thing that you will need to do is to see how large the room is that you are planning on cleaning. You will also need to know how heavily soiled your carpet is. If this is a heavy trafficked area, then you will need to do deep down extraction cleaning for your carpet.


There are four categories of carpet cleaning methods that you will have to choose from. They include wet cleaning, cleaning with an absorbent pad, dry cleaning with an absorbent compound and the dry foam or rotary shampoo method. If your carpet is heavily soiled, you may want to choose the wet cleaning method. It is the most commonly used and is highly recommended by carpet professionals.



You will need to understand that you will need a floor machine and some type of special cleaning agent for whatever method you choose to clean your carpet. These can be costly, dependent upon the one you choose. Make sure and stay within your budget when choosing a floor machine and cleaning solution.



How quickly do you need your carpet to dry? Is this a heavy traffic area where the room is needed constantly, or is it a room that is rarely used and the drying time is not important?



It would be helpful if you spoke with a carpet cleaning Wellington professional before beginning to clean, particularly if this is your first time cleaning your carpet on your own. An expert can help you choose your floor machine, cleaning solution and the best method for cleaning your carpet.


Remember to always do your homework on the floor machines and cleaning agents on the market. There are a lot of name brands for cleaning your carpet that have been on the market many years and have shown proven results. Also remember to read reviews from other consumers to help in deciding what is best for you.